Shatrunjay palitana

Location The Shatrunjaya Hills are located at about 3 kms southwest of Palitana city. It was renovated by Sheth Sadasomji in the year of the Vikram era.

Then passing by the temple of Varikhijj, the Hirakund, the temples of Rama, Bharat and Thavachchaputra, one reaches Hanumandhara. The construction of temples of Palitana spanned over a period of years and was structured in two phases.

Outside, one sees the wall paintings of Jain tirths.

Shatrunjaya hill temple, Palitana

Passing through the second passage, one sees the new temple of Bhagawan Adishvar, Mt. Palitana is on a rail branch line, with trains available to Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and intermediate points.

Kill enimity and the enemy is killed. But he continued his pilgrimage and pleased the Pir by his offerings. In the whole world we cannot find a second example. They are tons painted in various colors. Thus passing by a number of temples, one reaches Hathipol.

There are idols of tirthankaras facing temple the idols of Bhagawan Parshvanath in the samavasaran temple.


Background According to Jain scripture, Shatrunjaya hill was the site where Adinath, the 1st Shatrunjay palitana tirthankar, achieved enlightenment.

There is mini-Shetrunjaya with nine peaks. Under Mughal rule, Emperor Akbar issued an edict granting special status to Shatrunjaya, as well as to Mts. Midway, we come across Kumarpal-Kund and Sala-Kund as well.

The eighth one is Balawasahi Toonk. This sequence continues for full one year. Roadways are another convenient option to travel as the roads are in a very good condition. They are situated in separate enclosures, surrounded by high fortified walls.Palitana temples in According to the Shatrunjaya Mahatmya, the first Tirthankara Rishabha sanctified the hill where he delivered his first sermon.

It was his grandson Pundarika, grandson of Rishabha who attained Nirvana at Shatrunjay, hence the hill was originally known as "Pundarikgiri". The town of Palitana was the capital of a small princely state, founded by a Gohel Rajput named Shahji.

Palitana is also known for excellent horse breeding, and local industries of diamond cutting, production of harmonium reeds and weighing scales. Aug 19,  · Palitana being called as Mecca of Jains, is a hill complex situated in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. There are nearly steps to be climbed before you reach to the top.

However steps are moderately sloped and one can climb them easily.5/5(). The Shatrunjaya complex is a labyrinth of temples and stupas, and it is easy to slip down a side passage and find yourself alone in a quiet courtyard, away from the hustle and bustle, or in a tiny temple with only a monk in attendance.

Shatrunjay Palitana The Satrunjay Mahatirth, Palitana temples are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community. There are more than temples located on the Shatrunjaya hills, exquisitely carved in marble.

There are perhaps a couple of hundred major and minor tirthas. Many, like Shatrunjaya-Palitana, are "temple-cities". Shatrunjaya enclosure is spread over nine hill tops and about 20 acres.

How many temple are at Shatrunjaya? Depends on how you count. Some saythe "Lonely Planet" Guide mentionsothers say about

Shatrunjay palitana
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