Monologues for the serious young actor

Thank you very much. Here is what I mean. John, there is one thing you must understand. Anyway it was Spring, tadpole time, and it's swarming with tadpoles down there in Spring. You guys have a good time!

Monologues for Young Actors Aged 6-12

We would love to hear from you! It was rough in there. Not the other things. And for a long time, I blamed you for everything. But—but you write the most beautiful things. They wont bother you.

Free Monologues from Movies & Plays

Look man, I'm sorry, it's juts my temper. Be sure to mention the title you want to use! You could think that you like someone, but you could be wrong. Oh, and we only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays.

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Actors always ask me if they should do a comic or a serious piece. Why, one that rode to's execution, man, Could never go so slow: You won't even stand up for my right here at home.

Monologues for Young Actors

The monologue includes some very funny lines and descriptions. To sum up, remember that the audition is not about the monologue; it is about you. Want me to go somewhere and fight for you? He lifts the sash window and looks out over the audience.Tags: comedic monologue for men, monologues from plays, acting monologues.

10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors

Water by the Spoonful Monologue Click here to read the monologue on google books A dramatic male monologue from the play Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Algria Hudes. About National Theatre Connections Monologues.

National Theatre Connections Monologues

For the first time, there is an anthology of monologues for young people available, taken from plays commissioned as part of the National Theatre Connections over the past 20 years.

Female Monologues: Emily This character has just discovered that she has a very serious problem. She is from the play, When it Rains Gasoline. Jenny A seventeen-year old terminal cancer patient from the play, Dying Light.

Teacher. Actor's Choice: Scenes for Teens is a collection of simple yet fun scenes aimed at younger teen actors who want to embrace drama as a hobby or even a potential career.

Designed for two actors with themes and times easily doable for any would be teen thespian, Actor's Choice: Scenes for Teens is a resource no drama teacher should miss.". Monologues for Latino/a Actors, A Resource Guide to Contemporary Latino/a Playwrights for Actors and Teachers.

This book is organized a little differently than most published collections of monologues. Keep in mind that bookstores and the Internet have a good supply of books and other reference materials containing monologues, scenes and other material that may be very useful in preparing for the Workshop.


Monologues for the serious young actor
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