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Inspired by the success of his experiment, he decided to spread out this system to other villages in Bangladesh. Network is a nonprofit microfinance organization headquartered in New York, NY.

Microcredit origin and current investment situation Microcredit innovation has considered having an origin in Bangladesh, when it was presented by a Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus. Moreover, we explain our perspective, scientific ideal, scientific approach, research methods in this section.

Their effort and mission is to build up a society free of poverty, illiteracy and disease. They accumulate savings from its members and provide short-term credit to the needed members. A microfinance institution is an organization, engaged in extending micro credit loans and other financial services to poor borrowers for income generating and self employment activities.

Income is one of the most important elements of living standard and women empowerment. From this tendency, they have formed different kinds of informal savings organizations like as co-operative societies and credit unions. The primary objective of all MFIs interventions is poverty reduction.

Firstly, the credit-oriented development banks and special programs were set up which ignored savings mobilization. We can say, in general, that is related to the participation of people in different community and political institutions, mobility and decision-making power, access to safe drinking water and sanitation coverage.

The size of the group can vary, but most groups have between four to eight members. Third is the question of monitoring the usage of the loan whether it has been used for consumption or investment purposesin a sense to guarantee its timely repayment.

Microfinance is not only this, but it also has a broader perspective which also includes insurance, transactional services, and importantly, savings.


Grameen bank, for instance, has a system of partial collaterals. The essence of realism is that, what the senses show us as reality is the truth, means that objects have an existence independent of the human mind.

From the fear of future insecurities, the people of Bangladesh have grown up their saving tendency.

Microcredit Essay

Besides this, some other related things to microcredit like, saving mobilizations, solidarity, etc. For example, village banks put emphasis on loans to finance income-generating activities and savings.

Providing loan to the individual through groups is an unconventional policy.

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Empowerment is relevant at the individual and collective level, and can be economic, social, or political. Financial institutions arrange reliable options for obtaining liquid funds quickly when needed a line of credit for example and for safely investing excess liquid funds at reasonable returns.

It helps to elevate awareness and empowerment in society, especially among the women clients. The junior, secondary and higher stages are designed for age groupsand years. Microcredit means providing the financial support small loans or so called microloans to poor individuals, for a range of various entrepreneurship purposes.

What is Microcredit ?

Interpretivism views the world and human beings in different ways than just how one can observe, but the fact is that they are not being observed objectively but subjectively. We will also evaluate and assess how the poor people are changing their life style by operating small business activities with the help loans granted by the microfinance institutions.Micro credit under good infrastructure, political stability and good macroeconomic environment will help to alleviate poverty.

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Micro-credit is a small amount of money, given as a loan by a bank or any legally registered institution, whereas, microfinance includes multiple services such as loans, savings, insurances, transfer services, micro credit. Microcredit programmes extend small loans to very poor people for self-employment projects that generate income, allowing them to care for themselves and their families.

Definitions deffer, of course, from country to country. Essay about Attitude of Women Beneficiaries Towards Grameen Bank Micro-credit Program income and farm size didn’t show any significant relationship with the attitude towards micro-credit program by women beneficiaries.

Micro credit essay
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