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India stands first in the production of groundnuts and tea and ranks second in the production of sugarcane, rice, jute and oil seeds across the globe. Nowadays, in agriculture and food production pesticides are commonly used to control pests such as insects, rodents, weeds, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Formation of Capital The surplus income generated from agricultural activities can very well be invested in banks for capital formation. Farm schools as method of communicating distant education on fanning have been Essays about agriculture by All India Radio stations located in different regions.

Agriculture itself is a science, but science has influenced agriculture as much as agriculture has influenced science. The development of agriculture turned to be a boon for the human civilization as it also gave way to their development. Essay on the Importance of Agriculture Article shared by Plants and animals, the backbone of agriculture have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of our time on earth, it is held that our earliest ancestors lived as nomads, but as their population grew, providing everyone with food became increasingly difficult and their movement slowed by the growing group, they chose to settle and the earliest societies were formed.

The agricultural industry is a key one in the development of any nation, it is the central industry of every developing nation as history shows, and almost all the developed nations today grew on the back of a solid agricultural industry.

Progress of industry, trade and transport is impossible without progress of agriculture.

Essay on the Importance of Agriculture

The press of population on land with average size sure of holding decreased from 1. Nowadays the best usage of drones is presented in the areas where there are no roads. Other agricultural exports include cotton, textiles, jute goods and sugar etc. When does agriculture rule, and when does the environment?

In Mesopotamia, pigs were domesticated around 15, years ago. For a reasonable price you will get a high quality, custom written paper.

Agriculture is important not only from economic point of view but has deep rooted influence on our social, political and cultural life.

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It is a fact that people working in agriculture, as well as people living in farming areas, are more exposed to pesticides than those who live in cities. Being the main occupation of the people of India, about sixty four percent of our workforces is employed in agriculture.

It focuses on the use of machinery to grow and raise crops. Japanese company Secom created a drone which automatically follows the intruder and can send the information for security or police.

It is a fact that people working in agriculture, as well as people living in farming areas, are more exposed to pesticides than those who live in cities. Father of White Revolution is Prof. As for the sources of pesticide exposure, pesticide traces can be found almost everywhere: The effect of pesticides, safe choices for pesticides and alternative methods to pesticides have all been hot topics for many years.Agriculture Essay 3 ( words) Introduction.

Essay on Agriculture and It’s Significance

Agriculture is a vast subject. It encompasses the production of crops, animal husbandry, soil science, horticulture, dairy science, extension education, entomology, agriculture chemistry, agri engineering, agri economics, plant pathology and botany.

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Essay on the Importance of Agriculture

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The Effects of Pesticides on Agriculture - The growing demand for enhanced food productivity to meet the needs of the global population has led to use sophisticated agriculture technology in which pesticides play a crucial role.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your essay on the development of Indian Agriculture! The agriculture sector continues to be the backbone of Indian economy contributing approximately % to the gross domestic product (GDP), and accounts for about 18% share, of total value of country’s export.

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Essays about agriculture
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