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Classic Floral details captivate style and timeless character. By mounting them in a recess or niche you protect them from being damaged by being accidentally snagged on a sleeve or similar mishap.

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You can find tins for a dime a dozen Decorative paper thrift stores or you can use smaller ones like the Altoid mint tins and similar.

Decorative paper privacy and security while allowing natural light to enter. Decorative journal Source Paper covered pencils Source 9. Decorative Paper Towel Holders Paper towel holders do not have to be ugly or even plain. Pinetree Paper Towel Holder Beautifully textured lodgepole pine created out of bronze which will hold your paper towels horizontally.

The graceful curves make a good showing against a light-colored wall. There may be other features too, such as a post box and cat or another animal. Adhesive-free window film - no mess, no fuss. Martha Stewart has shredder scissors out but I bought a generic brand for 5 bucks on Amazon and they work great.

Use a scoring board to score and fold card stock into small gift boxes Use a ruler and straight edge to make gift boxes like in this tutorial.

The result is that patterns have multiple names. The quality of the paper does affect the look of your finished print. A small pinecone depends from the underside of the branch, while two smaller cones adorn the end. The size, in modern Western tradition, is made from a type of moss called Carrageenan.

Gold Colored Paper Towel Rod Holder Give a tone of richness to your kitchen with a retro dot wall mounted paper towel holder. Or make some paper beads from a map like in this tutorial over at Art with Kids Click thumbnail to view full-size 1 Paper leaves wreath Source 2 Paper loops Source Paper hearts Prior to the use of Carrageenan marblers used Tragacanth to thicken their bath water.

In the last photo is a gift bag that I made using a a cereal box as a form and some wrapping paper. In case you are interested in the downloadable printable papers, I want to share some important tips about how to print and use them: Make gift bags by covering cereal boxes with pretty paper, like in this article.

Our Paper is a Step Above the Rest This beautiful free printable paper is fun to use for many purposes. Decorative tin containers also make the perfect packaging for small gifts, gift cards and even a place to put a tooth in for the tooth fairy like this cute tin over at Jennifer's Stamp Pad.

Simply cut the cover out of card stock, cut paper for the inside and staple them together. Choose from the butterflies, sun doodle, and alarm clock options, among others. Thick 8-mil vinyl window film insulates glass to reduce heat and save energy.

Decorative Paper Napkins

A pine cone caps the end of the holding rod. This cute towel holder from Gracie Oaks is perfect for a country or cottage themed kitchen, or even for one that is decorated all over with cute pigs.

Easily trimmed to size, or take advantage of our new Trim To Size service. For a wonderful paper beads tutorial, Decorative paper to mad mim. Decorative Clipboards Make some pretty decorative clipboards and hang them around your office space These Cute Birds Looking for easy paper crafts Decorative paper you can do with the kids?

All of them will work well in your kitchen setting. Decorative Clothespins Use pretty patterned papers or decorative paper to embellish ordinary clothespins and turn them into fridge magnets, card and photo holders, decorative clips for the kitchen, etc.

However, after seeing this collection you might arrive at a conclusion that decorative paper towel holders can actually be useful and nice. Paper Beads You can make beautiful beads out of patterned papers.

They are fun and easy to make! Sculptured Metal Paper Towel Holder This is a lovely bronze sculpture of a lodgepole pine, ready to hold your paper towels. The pole is decorated with two tiny sculpted pinecones, in exquisite detail.From our online exclusive Decorative Paint Techniques with Danielle Hirsch of Color you hate prep work, painting under and over crinkled tissue paper is.

Find an incredible selection of scrapbook paper for scrapbooking and paper crafts online at JOANN. Browse JOANN's craft store for scrapbook supplies. When inspiration strikes, why not use the best craft materials available? Our selection of top-quality crepe paper, metallic foil paper and paper.

Decorative Paper Crafts: 18 Fun Ways to Use Patterned Papers and Cardstock. Updated on November 28, Jamie Brock. more. Contact Author. It's easy to do and they make nice embellishments that you can use for many different paper crafts such as decorative garlands, cupcake pics, make dimensional embellishments by stacking shapes using.

There are a bazillion fun holiday crafts out there online! Have you seen them all? I’ve been collecting a bunch of ideas on my Pinterest page.

As I complete them, and a few some I’ve dreamed up on my own, I’ll share them here. The first one is a great way to use re-purpose last year’s holiday cards. The simple style and modern design of the Freesia Collection Toilet Paper Holder will give your bathroom a sophisticated look.

The solid construction and beautiful finish will ensure the toilet paper holder will last for years to come.

Decorative paper
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